What People Say About
Their Experience With Speak Sure

"I attended [Kathleen’s] seminar, "The Theatre of the Classroom" [and it was] innovative, entertaining, refreshing, and utterly instructive. It was one of the most comprehensive formats for this subject I have ever seen. And Ms. Robbins delivered on her promise to model the ideal training persona.... I am planning on recommending her program to the director of our educational services department here at Clarian, as possibly one of our leadership college offerings for new managers."

— Drew Carey, Clarian Health Partners

"Her clients respect her for her ability to work at any level of expertise, whether beginning or advanced, and to inspire them to do their best possible work. They feel she is a compassionate teacher and dedicated to their growth."

— Nancy Mayans, Carnegie Mellon & Rutgers College

"Super! Fabulous! and Wonderful! What a nice job you did for the CIASTD group.... Your presentation content was rich, you "walked the talk" in delivery, and your personality is delightful.... The audience loved you ... you should have heard the reviews ... afterwards!"

— Jan Green, Etiquette Answers

"Her presentations were well organized, clearly presented, and presented with authority and dedication. Kathleen Robbins was one of the brightest lights among a number of bright lights..."

— Howard Stein, Columbia University

"I’m sold on Speak Sure! You have a sixth sense in knowing just what adjustments to suggest. The techniques you recommended made me seem more natural, gave me much more confidence, and in general helped me create an overall impression of solid mastery of my subject matter. The end result was all I could have hoped for--spontaneous praise by my boss as well as compliments throughout the Pentagon!"

— Stu Cowan, Impact Consulting International

"I have heard her [talk] on a variety of topics. Her [talks] are always interesting, insightful, well prepared and enjoyable .... She would bring a great deal of vitality to the classroom as well as a fine perspective ...."

— Dr. Marian Monta, University of Texas-PanAm

"On behalf of the CIASTD chapter, I want to thank you for giving your time and talent to the Fall Forum. Your presentation was extremely well received; we greatly appreciate your willingness to share your expertise with our members and guests. Regards."

— Sharon Boller, VP of Training & Development, CIASTD

"Once again, I thank you for the wonderful class you taught and really appreciate the opportunity to learn something that I will in turn try to teach those around me."

— Amber L. Maynard, Conseco Companies, LLC

"In addition to all the new information you have successfully taught me, I really enjoyed all the clips and sayings you gave to us. I have passed them on to other people who mean a great deal to me. The best thing we can do, is share what we have learned with others we care about…. Thank you for sharing your experiences and insight with me."

— Laurie Macy, Sales Representative, Morgan’s Services Inc.

"Because I am now able to successfully accomplish more each day, I have less stress and I feel a greater inner peace. Thank you for … a life altering experience."

— Cheryl Everhart, Knauf Fiber Glass

"I guess the only thing I haven’t done since the class is call my personal coach, I got along so well due to your excellent teaching that I really didn’t have any problems."

— Becky Roberts, Finance Manager, Girl Scouts

"I feel the quality of my life is improving and is more balanced, because I am consulting the wisdom of my heart as well as my mind now. I want to thank you, Kathleen, for an excellent presentation."

— Pat Howerton, Office Manager, Midwest Behavioral Care, Ltd.

"This is simply a note to say ‘Thank you.’ Your class was both informative and thought provoking. I especially appreciated the inspiring goal sections. Your examples and illustrations were so poignant…. Keep up the great work! Thanks again!"

— Trace Selke, Conseco Services, LLC


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